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A biodegradable, biological formulation effective against mosquito, black flies and nuisance flies.

VectoBac����12AS is an aqueous suspension formulation of��Bacillus thuringiensis��subsp.��israelensis��(strain AM65-52) for control of mosquito larvae. The product is a bacterium occurring naturally in soil & aquatic environment, having a potency of 1200 International Toxicity Unit (ITU) per mg against��Aedes aegypti��larvae.

VectoBac����12 AS can be used in both Clean/potable and polluted water to control mosquito larvae.

Key Facts:

  • Biological Larvicide
  • Aqueous Suspension formulation.
  • Biodegradable, no harmful effect on applicator and non target living organism
  • Effective against mosquito, black Flies, nuisance flies
  • Quickly kills mosquito larvae
  • Use both in clean and polluted water bodies where larvae breeds
  • Important tool in Resistance Management
  • Central Insecticide Board (CIB) registered
  • National Vector Borne Disease control Programme (NVBDCP) recommended
  • Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) approved
  • Low Logistic cost
  • Affordable pack size


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